26. Juni 2018

People @ Personio – Arseniy, CTO

Arseniy - CTO & Co-Founder of Personio

Hi Arseniy,

You are one of the Founders of Personio. What has changed in the last 2 years at Personio?

When you start a company, everyone acts as generalist, since there is a lot to do and not so many helping hands around. Over the years of company existence challenges get more complex and specialized, which drives us to hire more specialists who have excelled in their field. Overall, this professionalization and specialization is, what I perceive, has changed the most in the last 2 years.

Arseniy, CTO & Co-Founder @ Personio (EN)

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What is special about Personio?

There are lot of things that make Personio special. One thing is, that we created a product, which positively impacts lives of thousands of employees on a daily basis – this is something I am particularly proud of.

How does the Personio culture translate into the daily work of the engineers?

I think what makes Personios engineering unique is a culture of collaboration and communication built by great colleagues coming from more than 18 countries. This helps us to put everyone's unique perspective to current challenges and to create the largest possible impact on our customers.

What do you do after having a bad day at work?

In a startup rollercoaster, when bad days come, I prefer to spend time with my girlfriend or to meditate. Meditating really helps me to focus on what is important to me personally.

Are you originally from Munich?

I grew up and studied in Russia, and moved to Germany in 2011 to further deepen my knowledge in the field of Software Engineering in a dynamic and international environment.

So do you have a favourite word or sentence in German?

I do not have a favourite word in German because I’ve started learning German 6 years ago – so nothing surprises me anymore ;-). However, my girlfriend is from Austria, and when I met her family for the first time their dialect was rather hard to comprehend for me. Overall, and austrian dialects is still a challenge for me.

Last question. Do you have a passion?

Except Personio, my biggest passion is music. I love playing guitar.

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